Rail-Highway Crossing Delay Study for Dolton and Riverdale

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NuRail Project IDNURail2020-UIC-R18
Project TitleRail-Highway Crossing Delay Study for Dolton and Riverdale
UniversityUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Project ManagerP.S. Sriraj
Principal InvestigatorKawamura
PI Contact InformationDTRT13-G-UTC52 (Grant 2)
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End Date2020-09-30
Brief Description of Research ProjectThis study examined the impacts of rail crossings in the communities of Dolton and Riverdale located approximately 22 miles south of downtown Chicago in the southern Cook County, IL. Reflecting their industrial heritage, railroads are major presence in those communities. There are major rail yards including Union Pacific (UP) Yard Center, Chessie Seaboard X (CSX) Barr Yard, Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB) Blue Island Yard, and Riverdale CSX Yard, generating and attracting significant number of freight trains each day. The study used a tool that carries out dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) to simulate how travelers can utilize real-time information on traffic conditions to avoid lengthy delays that are caused by gate-down events that exceed 10 minutes.
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Final ReportNURail2020-UIC-R18-Final Report.pdf