Development of a 3D FEM Model for Concrete Tie and Fastening Systems

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NuRail Project IDNURail2012-UIUC-R04
Project TitleDevelopment of a 3D FEM Model for Concrete Tie and Fastening Systems
UniversityUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Project ManagerBarkan
Principal InvestigatorAndrawes
PI Contact InformationPhone: (217) 244-4178 Email:
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Total Project Cost$
Agency ID or Contract NumberDTRT12-G-UTC18 (Grant 1)
Start Date2013-06-16
End Date2014-12-15
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe primary objective of this project is to study and better understand the mechanisms through which the loads transfer within various track components in the lateral direction. It is well known that the mechanism of load transfer in the lateral direction is fundamentally different from that of the loads in the vertical direction. In the lateral direction, the fastening system along with the ballast interactions with the crossties play significant roles. This project will aim at capitalizing on the advances in the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) efforts developed over the last couple years by the PI and his group to model crossties and fastening systems. Finite element method will be utilized in this project to study the interaction of multiple crossties while considering the impact of the fastening system components. Due to the complexity of the problem and to avoid very expensive time of computational runs, the technique of ‘submodeling’ will be adopted. This technique will enable the researchers to capture the influence of various track components (including multiple ties) with significant reductions in the time of problem solving. The study will focus on understanding the factors affecting the distribution of lateral loads and how track conditions and mechanical properties could possibly affect these factors. Recommendations will be developed on the selection of material and geometric properties of fastening system components to satisfy optimum load distribution requirements.
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