Causal Analysis of Passenger Train Accidents on Freight rail Corridors

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NuRail Project IDNURail2013-UIUC-R06
Project TitleCausal Analysis of Passenger Train Accidents on Freight rail Corridors
UniversityUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Project ManagerBarkan
Principal InvestigatorNA
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Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)NURail $80,000
Total Project Cost$80,000
Agency ID or Contract NumberDTRT12-G-UTC18 (Grant 1)
Start Date2012-08-15
End Date2013-07-15
Brief Description of Research ProjectAnalysis of train accident causes is critical for effective allocation of resources to reduce accident risk. Focusing on passenger trains on freight rail corridors will offer some insights on important safety and risk factors related to shared rail corridors. Train accident data from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Rail Equipment Accident database will be analyzed for each track type accounting for both frequency of occurrence by cause, and the consequence levels - total cost, casualties and number of cars derailed. Statistical analyses will be conducted to examine the effects of accident cause, type of track and derailment speed.
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Final ReportNURail2013-UIUC-R06_Final_Report_-_SAAT_Causal_Analysis_of_Passenger_Train_Accidents_on_Freight_Rail_Corridors1.pdf