Pressure distributions and magnitudes at the tie/ballast interface

UKY Project Information

NuRail Project IDNURail2016-UKY-R12
Project TitlePressure distributions and magnitudes at the tie/ballast interface
UniversityUniversity of Kentucky
Project ManagerReg Souleyrette
Principal InvestigatorJerry Rose
PI Contact Information
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)$30,000 from NURail, $15,000 from UK Match
Total Project Cost$
Agency ID or Contract NumberDTRT13-G-UTC52 (Grant 2)
Start Date2015-07-01
End Date2019-09-30
Brief Description of Research ProjectFurther ascertain pressure distributions and magnitudes at the tie/ballast interface from various combinations of wheel loads, train speeds, and ballast/track conditions for high-speed, heavy tonnage freight railroads. The overall objective is to determine relative effects of the factors on pressure distributions along track having both adequate and poor support.

1. Proto-type tests will be conducted at the University of Tennessee full-scale track testing facility.

2. Pressure cells will be installed at track sites on Norfolk Southern trackage exhibiting both adequate and poor performance to determine the effect of trackbed support on the performance of the track relative to minimizing maintenance costs and extending the life of the track components and
providing overall enhanced trackbed performance.

3. Evaluate results and present to AREMA Committees 1 and 5 for consideration as inclusion in the
section on Trackbed Structural Design.
Describe Implementation of Research Outcomes (or why not implemented)
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation (actual, not anticipated)
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Final ReportNURail2016-UKY-R12 Final Report-compressed.pdf