Current Research

Planned research activities include the following three primary research thrust areas, under which various specific topics proposed to date are listed below: 1) Railroad Infrastructure, 2) Railroad Vehicles, and 3) Railroad Systems. In each of these areas, our overarching theme is questions related to shared rail corridors involving research projects ranging from basic to applied. The list below summarizes research projects currently in progress.

# NURail Project ID Project Manager Principal Investigator University Dept Project Title - Click on the title for more information
1 NURail2012-UIUC-R03 Barkan Tutumluer UIUC Improving Track Substructure Designs and Settlement due to Complex Dynamic Loads from High-Speed Passenger and Freight Trains
2 NURail2013-UTK-R07 Dave Clarke Baoshan Huang UTK Laboratory Investigation of Steel Tie Performance
3 NURail2014-UIUC-R15 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Blocking Capacity and Level of Service in Railway Hump Classification Yards
4 NURail2014-UIUC-R16 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Train Delay and Railway Line Capacity Under Combinations of Structured and Flexible Operations
5 NURail2014-UTK-R10 Dave Clarke Z. John Ma UTK Seismic Performance of Stone Masonry and Unreinforced Concrete Railroad Bridge Substructures
6 NURail2016-MTU-R14 Pasi Lautala Pasi Lautala MTU Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Research with NDS data and driver simulator
7 NURail2016-UKY-R12 Reg Souleyrette Jerry Rose UKY Pressure distributions and magnitudes at the tie/ballast interface
8 NURail2017-UIC-R16 Craig Foster Craig Foster UIC College of Engineering Coupled Multibody and Finite Element Analysis of Rail Substructure Behavior
9 NURail2017-UIUC-R18 Chris Barkan Chris Barkan UIUC Shared Rail Corridor Adjacent Track Accident Risk Analysis - Part 2
10 NuRail2017-UIUC-R19 Riley Edwards Marcus Dersch UIUC Numerical Investigation of Impact Load Effects on Railroad Track Systems
11 NURail2017-UIUC-R20 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Quantifying Intermodal Facility Capacity Factor Interactions through Simulation
12 NURail2018-MTU-R16 Pasi Lautala Pasi Lautala MTU Log Movement in the Superior Region - Rate and Capacity Based Analysis of Modal Shares
13 NURail2018-UIUC-R21 Riley Edwards Marcus Dersch UIUC Improved Concrete Crossties Design: Quantifying Cyclic Loading Failure Criteria
14 NURail2018-UIUC-R22 Riley Edwards Marcus Dersch UIUC Advanced Study of Resilient Materials: Effects on Track Stability, Crosstie Bending Moments, and Impact Attenuation
15 NURail2019-UIUC-R23 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Relative Capacity and Performance of Fixed and Moving Block Train Control Systems