Completed Research

# NURail Project ID Project Manager Principal Investigator University Dept Project Title - Click on the title for more information Final Report
1 NURail2012-MIT-R01 Sussman Sussman MIT High-Speed Rail as a Complex Sociotechnical System Final Report
2 NURail2012-MIT-R02 Sussman Sussman MIT High-Speed Rail Productivity Final Report
3 NURail2012-MIT-R03 Sussman Sussman MIT Understanding Government and Railroad Strategy for Crude Oil Transportation in North America Final Report
4 NURail2012-MTU-R01 Lautala Sanders MTU Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) for Railroad Wheels Final Report
5 NURail2012-MTU-R02 Lautala Vitton MTU Assessment of Aggregate Sources in Michigan for High Speed Railroad Ballast Final Report
6 NURail2012-MTU-R03 Lautala Hill MTU Influence of Driver Attention on Rail Crossing Safety Final Report
7 NURail2012-MTU-R04 Lautala Harris (UVA) MTU Cross-Infrastructure Learnings for Alternative Bridge System Designs - A Case Study on the Hybrid Composite Bridge System Final Report
8 NURail2012-MTU-R05 Lautala Pentti MTU Improving Rural Freight Rail in the State of Michigan Final Report
9 NURail2012-UIC-R01 Shabana Foster UIC COE Modeling of Rail Track Substructure and Rail Vehicle Energy Dissipation Final Report
10 NURail2012-UIC-R02 Shabana Issa UIC COE Rail Infrastructure Materials for High Speed Rail Final Report
11 NURail2012-UIC-R03 Shabana Wolfson UIC COE The Informed Railroad Traveler (Smartphone application) Final Report
12 NURail2012-UIC-R04 Shabana Leigh UIC COE Immersive Visualization of Rail Simulation Data Final Report
13 NURail2012-UIC-R05 Shabana Shabana UIC COE Integrated Dynamic Modeling of Rail Vehicles and Infrastructure Final Report
14 NURail2012-UIC-R06 Schlickman Schlickman, Ai UIC CUPPA Environmental Impact Assessment of Rail Infrastructure Final Report
15 NURail2012-UIC-R07 Schlickman Schlickman, Sriraj, Metaxatos UIC CUPPA Railroad Grade Crossing Pedestrian Safety Final Report
16 NURail2012-UIC-R08 Schlickman Schlickman, Smith UIC CUPPA Value Capture Strategies for the Funding of Rail Construction and Operation Final Report
17 NURail2012-UIC-R09 Schlickman Kawamura UIC CUPPA Economic Benefits of Productivity Increases through Truck-to-Rail Mode Shift in Freight Transport Final Report
18 NURail2012-UIUC-R01 Barkan Edwards, Dersch, Kernes UIUC Concrete Crosstie Fastener Sub-System Testing and Modeling Final Report
19 NURail2012-UIUC-R02 Barkan Benekohal UIUC Railroad Grade Crossing Micro-Level Safety and Risk Analysis Final Report
20 NURail2012-UIUC-R03 Barkan Tutumluer UIUC Improving Track Substructure Designs and Settlement due to Complex Dynamic Loads from High-Speed Passenger and Freight Trains Final Report
21 NURail2012-UIUC-R04 Barkan Andrawes UIUC Development of a 3D FEM Model for Concrete Tie and Fastening Systems Final Report
22 NURail2012-UIUC-R05 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Capacity Evaluation and Infrastructure Planning Techniques for Operation of Freight and Higher-Speed Passenger Trains on Shared Railway Corridors Final Report
23 NURail2012-UIUC-R14 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Railroad Decision Support Tools for Track Maintenance Final Report
24 NURail2012-UKY-R01 Souleyrette Souleyrette UKY Impact of Lock and Dam Closures on Rail System Final Report
25 NURail2012-UKY-R02 Souleyrette Souleyrette UKY A National Survey of Commuter Rail Policy - Shared Corridors Final Report
26 NURail2012-UKY-R03 Souleyrette Souleyrette UKY 3D Methodology for Evaluating Rail Crossing Roughness Final Report
27 NURail2012-UKY-R04 Souleyrette Rose UKY Systematic Life-Cycle Analysis and Performance of Enhanced Trackbed Support Final Report
28 NURail2012-UKY-R05 Reg Souleyrette Jerry Rose UKY Tie Ballast Interface - In-Situ Assessment Final Report
29 NURail2012-UTK-R01 Clarke Ma, Clarke UTK CEE/CTR Assessment of Existing Railroad Bridges to Accommodate a Higher Speed Considering Chinese Practices Final Report
30 NURail2012-UTK-R02 Clarke Bennett, Ma UTK Lateral Impact of Railroad Bridges with Hybrid-Composite Beams Final Report
31 NURail2012-UTK-R03 Clarke Huang UTK Development of New Damping Materials for Ballastless Trackbed and their Behavior under Mixed Traffic Final Report
32 NURail2012-UTK-R04 Clarke Clarke, Jin UTK Evaluation of Terminal Capacity Models for Rail Freight Flow Analysis Final Report
33 NURail2013 -MTU-R06 Pasi Lautala Timothy C. Havens MTU Computer Vision and Machine Learning Method for Detection and Assessment of Wheel Anomalies Using Sensor Fusion of Thermal and Visible Spectrum Cameras Final Report
34 NURail2013 -MTU-R07 Pasi Lautala Pasi Lautala MTU Rescheduling/ Timetable Optimization of Trains along the U.S. Shared-use Corridors Final Report
35 NURail2013 -MTU-R08 Pasi Lautala Thomas Oommen MTU Rail Embankment Stabilization for Cold Climate Railroads - Case of Hudson Bay Railway Final Report
36 NURail2013-UIC-R13 Steve Schlickman Steve Schlickman UIC CUPPA Incentivizing Off Peak Delivery of Freight Final Report
37 NURail2013-UIC-R14 Steve Schlickman Steve Schlickman UIC CUPPA Connector Transitway White Paper Final Report
38 NURail2013-UIUC-R06 Barkan NA UIUC Causal Analysis of Passenger Train Accidents on Freight rail Corridors Final Report
39 NURail2013-UIUC-R07 Barkan Benekohal UIUC Railroad Grade Crossing Micro-Level Safety and Risk Analysis - Phase 2 Final Report
40 NURail2013-UIUC-R08 Barkan Rapik Saat UIUC Shared Rail Corridor Adjacent Track Accident Risk Analysis Final Report
41 NURail2013-UIUC-R12 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Factors Affecting Commuter Rail Energy Efficiency Final Report
42 NURail2013-UIUC-R13 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Spacing and Length of Passing Sidings and the Incremental Capacity of Single Track Final Report
43 NURail2013-UTK-R05 Dave Clarke Mingzhou Jin UTK Integrated Network Capacity Analysis for Freight Railroads Final Report
44 NURail2013-UTK-R06 Dave Clarke Asad J. Khattak UTK What is the Extent of Harm in Rail-Pedestrian Crashes? Final Report
45 NURail2013-UTK-R07 Dave Clarke Baoshan Huang UTK Laboratory Investigation of Steel Tie Performance Final Report
46 NURail2013-UTK-R08 Dave Clarke Dr. Mark Burton UTK The Impact of Reduced Coal Consumption on the Southeastern Railroad Network Final Report
47 NURail2014-UIUC-R09 Barkan Andrawes UIUC Modeling the Lateral Load Distribution for Multiple Concrete Crossties and Fastening System Final Report
48 NURail2014-UIUC-R11 Chris Barkan Riley Edwards UIUC Mechanistic Design of Concrete Crossties and Fastening Systems - Phase 1 Final Report
49 NURail2014-UIUC-R15 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Blocking Capacity and Level of Service in Railway Hump Classification Yards Final Report
50 NURail2014-UIUC-R16 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Train Delay and Railway Line Capacity Under Combinations of Structured and Flexible Operations Final Report
51 NURail2014-UKY-R08 Reg Souleyrette Reg Souleyrette UKY 3D Methodology for Evaluating Rail Crossing Roughness: Vehicle Dynamic Modeling Final Report
52 NURail2014-UTK-R10 Dave Clarke Z. John Ma UTK Seismic Performance of Stone Masonry and Unreinforced Concrete Railroad Bridge Substructures Final Report
53 NURail2015-MTU-R13 Lautala Lautala MTU Life Cycle (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCCA) Analysis of Freight Transportation Alternatives to Copperwood Mine Project Final Report
54 NURail2015-UIC-R15 P.S. Sriraj Jim LaBelle UIC CUPPA Efficient Goods Movement I Off Peak Delivery Pilot Project Final Report
55 NURAIL2015-UKY-R09 Souleyrette Jerry Rose UKY Study behavior of track in bridge transition zones Final Report
56 NURAIL2015-UKY-R10 Souleyrette Souleyrette UKY Implementation of a rail crossing condition index Final Report
57 NURail2016-MTU-R14 Pasi Lautala Pasi Lautala MTU Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Research with NDS data and driver simulator Final Report
58 NURail2016-MTU-R15 Pasi Lautala Pasi Lautala MTU Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Ore Transportation Route/Mode Alternatives for Eagle Mine Final Report
59 NURail2016-UIUC-R17 Yanfeng Ouyang Yanfeng Ouyang UIUC Optimal Planning of Rail Grinding Activities in Large-scale Networks Final Report
60 NURAIL2016-UKY-R11 Reg Souleyrette Jerry Rose UKY Study behavior of track in bridge transition zones, Phase 2 Final Report
61 NURail2016-UKY-R12 Reg Souleyrette Jerry Rose UKY Pressure distributions and magnitudes at the tie/ballast interface Final Report
62 NURail2017-MIT-R04 Sussman Daniel Mascoop MIT HSR Terminals Final Report
63 NURail2017-MIT-R05 Sussman Taka Hidema MIT Competitive Strategy for the Proposed Texas High Speed Rail Project: A System Dynamics/ CLIOS Process Approach Final Report
64 NURail2017-UIC-R16 Craig Foster Craig Foster UIC College of Engineering Coupled Multibody and Finite Element Analysis of Rail Substructure Behavior Final Report
65 NURail2017-UIC-R17 Laura Klabunde Steve Schlickman UIC The History of the City of Chicago Central Area Transit Circulation Efforts Final Report
66 NURail2017-UIUC-R18 Chris Barkan Chris Barkan UIUC Shared Rail Corridor Adjacent Track Accident Risk Analysis - Part 2 Final Report
67 NuRail2017-UIUC-R19 Riley Edwards Marcus Dersch UIUC Numerical Investigation of Impact Load Effects on Railroad Track Systems Final Report
68 NURail2017-UIUC-R20 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Quantifying Intermodal Facility Capacity Factor Interactions through Simulation Final Report
69 NURail2018-MTU-R16 Pasi Lautala Pasi Lautala MTU Log Movement in the Superior Region - Rate and Capacity Based Analysis of Modal Shares Final Report
70 NURail2018-UIUC-R21 Riley Edwards Marcus Dersch UIUC Improved Concrete Crossties Design: Quantifying Cyclic Loading Failure Criteria Final Report
71 NURail2018-UIUC-R22 Riley Edwards Marcus Dersch UIUC Advanced Study of Resilient Materials: Effects on Track Stability, Crosstie Bending Moments, and Impact Attenuation Final Report
72 NURail2019-MTU-R17 Pasi Lautala Elizabeth Veinott MTU Understanding attention management and driver decision behavior at short-storage rail grade crossings Final Report
73 NURail2019-UIUC-R23 Tyler Dick Tyler Dick UIUC Relative Capacity and Performance of Fixed and Moving Block Train Control Systems Final Report
74 NURail2020-MTU-R18 Pasi Lautala Qingli Dai MTU Improvement on the eddy current measurement for rail flaw detection and signal processing Final Report
75 NURail2020-MTU-R19 Pasi Lautala Timothy C. Havens MTU Computer Learning and AI-Based Investigation of Outward Facing Locomotive Videos for Trespassing Events and Behavior Final Report
76 NURail2020-UIC-R18 P.S. Sriraj Kawamura UIC CUPPA Rail-Highway Crossing Delay Study for Dolton and Riverdale Final Report