Improved Concrete Crossties Design: Quantifying Cyclic Loading Failure Criteria

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NuRail Project IDNURail2018-UIUC-R21
Project TitleImproved Concrete Crossties Design: Quantifying Cyclic Loading Failure Criteria
UniversityUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Project ManagerRiley Edwards
Principal InvestigatorMarcus Dersch
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Agency ID or Contract NumberDTRT13-G-UTC52 (Grant 2)
Start Date2018-08-01
End Date2019-12-31
Brief Description of Research ProjectAs the use of concrete crossties increases, the need to understand their performance and failure mechanisms becomes more critical. In particular, there is a need to quantify criteria for failure modes that cause crossties to be removed from service before the end of their useful life (minor cracking, etc.). The primary objective of this research project is to subject crossties to demanding loading conditions, representative of revenue service conditions, in the laboratory to determine the stress state of concrete crossties under cyclic loading. These stress states can be compared with the material properties and overall geometry requirements to determine their impact on the health of the track structure. The outcome of this work is the development of a framework for providing the rail industry quantitative metrics for classifying a tie as failed compared to the qualitative methods currently employed.
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